I asked Anne of Waggy Walkers to take care of my cat Jas whilst I was on holiday this year. Anne visited twice daily to feed, groom, clean litter trays and play with Jas. It is self- evident that Anne is a real animal lover and she gives great attention to the animals in her care, going above and beyond. You can be assured that you will be leaving your pet in a safe pair of hands; it’s just as if you were at home yourself. Anne is trustworthy and reliable and can email updates whilst you are away so that you can rest assured everything is fine at home.  Anne is also willing to take care of the house, watering plants, closing curtains etc. whilst you are away, so you will have complete peace of mind. I thoroughly recommend Anne to any pet owner who wishes to ensure that their pets & property have tip top care whilst they are away.
David N
I have known Anne for three years now and during that time have seen the devotion and compassion she shows to animals in her care. She has experience of caring for a variety of small animals and for each has provided a rich environment with regular handling and interaction. Anne is a trustworthy and caring person who genuinely enjoys caring for pets and I wouldn't hesitate to leave my own pets in her care.

Georgie Gent BVSc CertVOphthal MRCVS

I have known Anne for several years and feel fortunate to know such a caring, considerate, kind person.

Anne has such an affinity with not only people but with animals too. She has such a respect and an understanding that is endearing to all.

Her knowledge and understanding of her pets are second to none. She is by nature a nurturer and with this comes the loving care and patience needed to ensure her animals are happy and content.

Not only does she ensure their needs are catered for she also teaches them behaviours that are necessary for them to be acceptable within a home and also within the wider community. She sets them a discipline that is respectful  and considerate of people and other animals. Her pets all interact with each other and are content to be in each others company.

I believe her new venture with WAGGY WALKERS is the perfect next step for Anne to take and would benefit many people in offering her knowledge and skills to clients who want to avail themselves of Anne's services.

Please accept this as a true and honest assessment of Anne's character.

Yours truly

Pauline Sharp.


  Good luck, if it was up to the pets they'd be choosing u x Tania

  I think they may get the gist that you are a rabbit lover!!!!!  x Lisa

I love the website, it is true of the you that I know. I wish you well. Taryna x

The layout is perfect and so are the prices. If I was a pet owner I would snap you up as you provide such a caring package to give pet owners a holiday without getting anxious about their pets. Linda H.

 Well done Anne - I will definitely be a customer! It will be nice to have someone I can trust 100% with my boys! Great web-site too! Karen M.

 Well done Anne, If I lived nearer I would definitely be a customer, good luck, I hope it goes really well for you xxx  Fiona G

Brilliant website too xxxx

  All the very best Anne, I couldn't think of a nicer person to do this. :) x Sam HP

 I love how you say "everyone" as if you are referring to people rather than animals....and so rightly so...your little furryfriends are people and I would definitely leave my little people in your care x Evie


 I am proud to be Anne's first customer, or rather I should say our pet rabbit Bobby was!

Anne cared for our rabbit in her home, for a long weekend. She provided an indoor cage for him (which he is used too), and an outdoor run, alongside her own pet rabbits.

She cared for him very well, and gave him fresh veg everyday. We also recieved updates on how he was doing, at our request, so we could feed back to our children who were missing him!!

Bobby seemed to enjoy being alongside other animals, a treat he unfortunately doesn't have at home. We were able to see a whole new side of his personality, from stories from Anne, and photos she took!

It wasn't just us that had an enjoyable mini break!!! A service I would definately recommend, and one that I intend to use regularly." Jo

Thank you Waggy Walkers for looking after my 2 greyhounds, 9 hens and 1 budgie PERFECTLY over the last weekend. They were well cared for, given loads of attention and thoroughly spoiled. Now I've got to live up to it!!!       Fionne


I can’t fault Waggy Walkers.  Anne is caring, respectful, friendly, 

reliable and entirely trustworthy.  She takes time to get to know 

her charges and genuinely cares that they are happy while you are 

away.  I think our cats were disappointed to see us home again.  I 

cannot recommend WAGGY WALKERS  highly enough - I'd give ten stars if I could! 

Sally and cats

Hi Anne


I just wanted to thank you so much for helping us out when we went to Hampton Court for the day.  Because of your approach and care, including coming to meet Toffee prior to our day out, I had absolutely no worries at all and just thoroughly enjoyed our day out in the safe knowledge that Toffee would be well looked after and having a lovely time.  When we came back, he looked all relaxed, the sign of a great day so thank you so much Anne. 

Looking forward to our next time we need your help.

Talk to you soon


Kind regards

Sue C

 Dear Anne


Thanks so much for looking after Bear.  She loves your visits and walks.  We feel really happy when we are away knowing that she will be well looked after – your empathy and special consideration for her many little issues is so reassuring!


Family Jones and Bear.

Anne was invaluable in helping us by looking after our cats whilst we were away. 

She provided regular updates and the cats were very well looked after.

I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Top qualities:- Personable, Good value, High integrity

Simon E

Thank you so much! All so clean and tidy and the post ready! 

The cats look extremely well cared for . Miaow from them.

Thank you for everything

Sally M