Dogs will be be given an hour of walking or walking and play depending on individual requirements.

The hour starts when the walk starts and not from collection point unless that is the start of the walk.


Puss will be fed  and watered, cuddled and played with.

Bowls will be cleaned, litter tray cleaned and any rubbish taken out to your bin.


Rabbits and guinea pigs will be put in their run for their daily exercise while the hutch is attended to.

If your garden is secure and your run safe enough with sufficient protection from sun and rain, then the animal can be left in the run when a second visit is sheduled that day and put away later so that it gets maximum excercise.

Litter trays and any soiled areas will be refreshed and replenished.

If this is a week long service then the hutch will be given a thorough scrub out once a week as well as the daily refreshing.

All bowls and bottles will be kept clean and replenished with hay and any dried food you may wish to feed. 

Good hay is essential for rabbits and guinea pigs and you will be expected to provide sufficient for the duration of the sevice. Likewise if you wish your pet to have dried food, preferably pellets, you must provide this.

I will bring little treats of fresh food each day.


This is a job many hate doing so I am willing to pop round and scrub out your hutch for you  even when you are not on holiday.

The pet will be put into it's run for excercise while the hutch is thoroughly cleaned and made up.

You will need to provide, bedding,  good quality hay, litter for litter  tray/corner.  It is always good if you can provide newspaper too but not essential.


When you go on holiday it is nice to have someone go in to pick up the post etc,  for you so that it isn't obvious that your away.

What you would like done will be up to you.

Lights switched on or off, curtains opened and closed, plants watered, bins put out on collection days.


If you don't drive or have difficulty in lifting large sacks of pet food then  I can collect your purchase and deliver to your door.


Bookings may be made now ready for the holidays July through to end of August. Please book early to be sure of the serice you require. 

It will be necessary to do a consultation with you in order that the service I give you and your pets is tailored to your requirements.


At Waggy Walkers we like to keep things simple so if you pay two weeks in advance you may pay by cheque or any less than two weeks in advance please pay by cash. We will discuss how you pay when you book.


Dog walking £10  for up to an hour group walking.

 Solo dog walking £15  for up to an hour  walking.

 Cat visit £8 for single visit per day

Cat visit £14 for two visits per day.

This is strongly recommended.

 Rabbit and Guinea pigs.

£14 for twice a day.

Essential for these creatures.

A hutch clean will be included each week of your  holiday booking as well as the daily refresh


 Hutch clean £12

This service is intended for those of you who are too busy or hate doing this themselves


 House check £8

This is for people who have no animals or who take their animals with them but wish to have someone look in on their home to make sure things are ok and /or make their home looked lived in while they are away.

Book in time 

Book early for peak holiday times to avoid disappointment


Your prompt payment will be very much appreciated, thank you.

Due to ever increasing costs it is necessary to include a petrol charge for people who live outside of Hale, Downton and Redlynch area.