All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions.

Variations to the terms and conditions may be made from time to time but you will always be notified.

All clients will be required to fill out a consultation form with me prior to their first  booking and regular clients will keep me updated on any changes in their pets circumstances.
This should be conducted with you and your pet in the home in which I will be required to visit at the time the services are to be carried out.


Our pricing structure is available on the website and will be agreed with you upon booking.

Payment should be in advance of the services carried out.

 If paying by cheque please pay two weeks in advance.

If paying cash then please pay at any time before the service takes place.

If booking a long term in advance eg for a  holiday then payment in full should be made two weeks prior to the service start date otherwise your booking will not remain secure and your slot may be given to someone else.

On occasions and at  the sole discretion
of Waggy Walkers a booking may be taken without advanced  notice and payment of it's charges. This will usually be for a known, regular client.


Please notify any cancellation A.S.A.P. but please give advanced notice of 48 hours or a fee will be due.


You the client will inform Waggy Walkers pet care services of any characteristics about your pet which need to be known for the safe and loving handling of your pet.

When conducting a house visit to feed your pets all food, litter, cleaning materials and tools will be provided by you, this includes hay, straw and other bedding, wood shavings, Timothy hay, pellets etc.

We will not take bookings for aggressive dogs/ pets and may terminate the contract immediately if it is reasonably thought your pet is uncontrolably aggressive towards people, other animals or property


Your dog will be walked for no less than  the time we have agreed however Waggy Walkers reserve a reasonable right to extend the walk at any time at no extra cost to you.

Waggy Walkers will reserve the right to walk your dog with other dogs. Obviously the needs of all dogs will be taken into consideration so that the dogs enjoy the experience. No way will I be walking dogs who do not get on together. Happiness  and fun is of  the utmost importance.

Dogs can be  walked on their own if you prefer but this will be at extra cost to you.

Your dog will not be walked off lead without your  prior, written consent. See booking forms.

You will provide your dog with it's collar lead and identity tag with the details required by law on it            
 ( Name address and postcode) This is required, by law, for all dogs out in a public place.

You will provide any accessories you wish  your pet to use ,  eg. any muzzles coats etc.

I will provide any bags for " scoop  the poop"

 If your pet becomes unwell in my care you will be contacted however if an emergency arises or you cannot be contacted and veterinary attention is deemed  immediately necessary then Waggy Walkers will seek veterinary help from your own vet if possible but any vet may be called upon as the need arises and you will be liable for any costs incurred as a result.

Please do not hesitate to ask me about anything you are unsure of.
You can e-mail me at:- annefricker@hotmail.co.uk